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It would be hard to match the career advancement and empowerment I experience in my current role


With a background in engineering, I commenced my career as part of a graduate program offered by a leading building manufacturer. After a number of years of working as a site engineer in the construction industry I changed my focus and interests to a career in Procurement. Working in various roles across the Procurement function I supplemented my operational background with commercial exposure from transactional purchasing to the strategic sourcing of capital and MRO products.

Accepting a role at WIS was an easy and wonderful decision to make. As I had been fortunate to work with Blackwoods as a customer for many years, I had insight into the great culture, and the role I accepted presented many exciting opportunities.

Since joining WIS in 2010 I have held the role of WIS Manager Contracts. Managing the WIS and Blackwoods Contracts teams, I have had the pleasure to lead a strong and ambitious team. Delivering strategic supply proposals to WIS' top tier customers presents ongoing challenges and opportunities. It would be hard to match the career advancement and empowerment I experience in my current role but I look forward to a long career at WIS – especially as the businesses opens up new opportunities through acquisition.

Work and lifestyle balance is key within WIS. WIS recognises the importance of family life which means all employees can enjoy both a full career and a healthy home life.

The option of flexible working hours also supports women with children


Before joining WIS, I was employed in an Internal Domestic Sales role in my local town. I was looking for an opportunity to work for a company where I could learn new skills and move up within an organisation when a role as Customer Service Officer at Protector Alsafe came up. WIS met my requirements as an organisation, so I accepted the role and commenced in May 2003. After 4 years in this role, I became a Major Account Manager, and in 2007 I joined the National Team as Contracts Coordinator. I was promoted to Contracts Team Leader in 2011.

I have always found WIS to be a female-friendly employer, supporting women to move into Team Leader or Management positions. The option of flexible working hours also supports women with children to maintain their roles while fulfilling family requirements.

In December 2009 I commenced maternity leave and was able to work from home at this time on a part time basis. The company worked around the hours I could fit in and were happy for me to change my hours to suit my needs. After my son Kade was on the move, it was harder to work from home but WIS provided flexibility, allowing me to come into the office a few days a week and continue to work from home other days. I am still working part time with only 4 days in the office after nearly 5 years, but the company has still been very accommodating.

WIS provide many opportunities to further develop individuals in the direction they choose to pursue


I joined the Workwear Group when it was a privately owned family business. The past nine years has seen significant change in the business and brands, however one thing always remains constant. Great product!

When the Workwear Group was acquired by WIS, the Imagewear Design Department which I head up was part of this merger and I became part of the WIS team at this time. The team and I are excited about this next chapter and what it may hold. Partnering with WIS to enhance our product and dress more of the world in our garments is what we are working to achieve.

My career with Imagewear has been long standing, however only recently has this included being a part of the WIS team. It is an exciting time in which our business is poised to grow and prosper. As we experience this growth I look forward to not only creating amazing new products with the incredible Imagewear Team, but also bringing in elements of responsible company practises. Exploring how we can become better at what we do and understanding the impact that we have on our own communities, as well as the communities we partner with and those who make our garments.

WIS provide many opportunities to further develop individuals in the direction they choose to pursue. WIS is focused on providing equality to all those who choose to work hard and are passionate about making a positive contribution to our business. It is fantastic to be part of a team that you know 'has your back'.

variety of challenging projects


I joined WIS in 2003, starting as Northern Regional Administrator for WISNZ. In this role, I worked with the business to ensure adherence to policies and procedures. After a period in this role, I moved into a more senior role. I was then given the opportunity to take on the Business Processes role for WISNZ and in 2013, I was promoted to Business Processes and IT Manager for WISNZ. I love working with the IT team and enjoy the challenge it brings. As I have come from a non-IT background, it has been a huge learning curve for me. I feel part of my success is due to the support I am offered by the people around me.

Throughout my career with WISNZ, I have had to opportunity to work on a variety of challenging projects. This has given me the opportunity to grow and learn as a professional and I feel well supported by the organisation.

I have worked with lots of different people in lots of different roles, all of whom had the same passion as me to deliver results that benefit WISNZ.

I have the opportunity as part of this program to make an impact on a project


I have worked in the industrial manufacturing sector for 14 years, initially with BOC and then with O-I, the world's largest manufacturer of glass containers. I was fortunate to work in a number of roles with both companies including Marketing, Sales, Sustainability, and as a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.

I had been working for Workwear Group for 3 years in a Product Marketing Manager role and came into Wesfarmers Industrial & Safety as a result of the acquisition of the Workwear Group. I'm really excited to be joining a business which is so prominent across the Australian and NZ markets. From day one of the acquisition process, it has been really clear that WIS has a very clear set of objectives and goals, underpinned by a visible focus on its employees.

I have been fortunate to be a member of the 2015 WIS Development Program, providing me with the opportunity to work with other leaders across the WIS group and I have the opportunity as part of this program to make an impact on a project of strategic business significance. This has been an exciting start to my time with WIS and it has reinforced the value WIS places on developing its employees to grow.

I was once told by a mentor who had worked for 30 years in a male dominated business that all she ever wanted was to have a voice at the table (which she got in year 28!). It took me some time to understand this given I hadn't experienced her journey but in my short time within the WIS business, I know that having a voice is a given, and it is up to you, how you use it. That is one of the most empowering things I believe you can possess as an employee.