Customer Service

WIS is a large organisation so I saw this as a promising career move to further develop my skills


I have experience in managing sizable outbound sales teams and already knew of key WIS businesses - Blackwoods and Protector Alsafe before joining.

I joined because i saw it as an exciting opportunity to work for Blackwoods and particularly with the senior management team in place. There were a number of initiatives within the Southern Region I believed I could contribute to and make a material difference. In addition, WIS is a large organisation so I saw this as a promising career move to further develop my skills in areas such as key stakeholder management, people management, customer service, and sales.

I commenced in 2010 as the Regional Customer Service Manager. It was a newly created role and gave me the ability to create a number of initiatives to improve service delivery. In 2012 I moved into an Areas Sales Manager role. In 2013 took maternity leave, returning after several months for two days a week as a Project Manager. I eventually returned to my role as Regional Customer Service Manager, with the telephony solution and Customer Service Excellence Program as priorities. Recently I have taken on the Branch Manager position for Dandenong and the Operational Manager role for a number of branches.

In my time at WIS, there have been many opportunities which have been made available to me. This includes the WIS Development Program and the opportunity to progress roles a number of times. In addition, WIS and my General Manager have been very supportive with my return from maternity leave. I currently work four days a week having transitioned from two.

This company works with me to achieve my goals


It is hard to believe it is over 7 years since I joined the Customer Service Team at Packaging House. I started out as a Customer Service Representative. In the first 4 years I was blessed to have at the time two fantastic Customer Service Team Leaders. I learned a great deal of valuable knowledge from them, allowing me to develop in my role so when the Customer Service Team Leader role became available – with heartfelt support and encouragement from my colleagues I applied for the role and got it!

I am so grateful that I had a Lead Team who believed in me and gave me the opportunity to step into this role. I have continual support day in, day out, from our Packaging House Team as a whole. It has been and still is a blessed journey.

My goal as Team Leader is to have one of the happiest Customer Service Team's in WIS – which should help produce one of the BEST Customer Service Teams in the company. This company works with me to achieve my goals.