Senior Management

Great opportunities for me to grow in my career.


In my role I head up the Product and Design for Workwear Group. This includes all Marketing, Product Management, Design and Product Development for our brands, Hard Yakka, King Gee, Stubbies, Ruggers, NNT, and also all B2B accounts in both Industrial and Imagewear.

This is my first role in Australia. I was living in the US prior to moving to Australia, and have had various roles in Product Development and Sourcing.

I was already in my current role when WIS acquired Workwear Group, and I am very excited to now be part of the WIS team. While I have only been with WIS for a short time, I already feel supported and have had great engagement with the Senior Management team. I feel there will be great opportunities for me to grow in my career, and I am really excited to see what they may be.

Flexibility is paramount to enable women to succeed in their careers.


Prior to joining WIS I held a number of Group Manager Health, Safety and Wellbeing roles for Westpac Banking Group and Crane Group to name a few.

I joined WIS because I believe the Executive Management Team hold Safety and Sustainability as genuine values. Having Executive support is key to managing a successful WHS risk mitigation portfolio. Leaders are looked up to, so to have this level of support for WHS is a great asset across the group. This role also offers me scope to grow and expand my experience in Sustainability and Risk. I am part way through a Masters in Sustainability so the role was a good fit to my overall career goals. It's an added bonus to be a part of Wesfarmers which is such an iconic Australian company.

Having only been with WIS for a few months I have been focussed on getting to know the operations and Leaders. My goals and aspirations here in WIS is to make safety and sustainability a visible part of doing business i.e. I want everyone in the organisation to be able to look at their surroundings and know what a safe workplace should look like and to feel empowered to correct it if something is not right; to know what being sustainable in their part of WIS means and how to contribute to the overall goals here at WIS. There is so much opportunity to engage and create value across the group.

I know that flexibility is paramount to enable women to succeed in their careers. Flexibility means that you can find a balance between work and home, it is about your contributions and meeting/exceeding your objectives in a way that creates win/win. Being able to have flexibility in the first weeks after I joined WIS so that I could support my daughter through her HSC exam timetable demonstrated to me how this organisation values family. Enabling flexible work arrangements not only provides opportunities for women to have successful careers it also creates deep loyalty to the organisation.