WIS Support Services

Support Services partner with each of the businesses across the WIS division to drive operational excellence and performance.

WIS Support Services is comprised of a number of specialist teams which include:

  • Human Resources who support the direction of WIS through the attraction, recruitment, and engagement of the best people. It provides operational expertise across the division, aligned with business strategy.
  • Commercial provides advice and expertise to businesses across WIS. It helps them achieve growth and operational effectiveness, and facilitates the corporate strategy process.
  • Information Technology provide business-aligned support through the delivery of enterprise-wide technology account management, and technical support
  • Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) provide support across all of our safety-focused businesses through the delivery of key initiatives, ensuring risk mitigation and compliance to key operating procedures.
  • Finance provide key support through financial management and control, management reporting and forecasting, and regulatory reporting along with the critical functions of accounts payable, receivable and payroll.

Support Services teams are based at Macquarie Park, Sydney and Auckland, with regional support functions to further support the operational requirements of the division.