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Thank you for visiting the Wesfarmers Industrial and Safety (WIS) Careers website.

Wesfarmers Industrial and Safety (WIS) forms part of the overall Wesfarmers Brand. Wesfarmers as a business is one of Australia’s largest listed companies and is one of Australia’s largest employers. Wesfarmers is also considered a key employer within the New Zealand market.

The Wesfarmers Way is the framework for the company’s business model and comprises core values, growth enablers and value-creating strategies directed at achieving the Group’s primary objective of providing a satisfactory return to shareholders. As a business, we aim to achieve this by anticipating the needs of our customers (and delivering competitive goods and services), supporting the communities in which we operate and looking after our team members to provide a safe, fulfilling work environment.

As the leading supplier of industrial and safety products and services, it is imperative that we employ the most talented people to support our operations. A career with WIS (and within our many business’s that make up WIS) will provide you with diversity and challenge as you partner with stakeholders across all of our businesses to provide solutions that enable them to meet their business objectives. In addition, you will be supported by friendly, professional and inspiring people who will make your working life just that much better!

We are always looking for talented and motivated individuals to join our team and help our businesses achieve greater results! In return, we provide a challenging and rewarding career alongside many opportunities for both structured and on the job learning and development. With our performance and values driven culture, we help our people realise their full potential in a safe, enjoyable, challenging and rewarding environment.

Each link below will connect you directly into the careers page, specific to each business under the Wesfarmers Industrial and Safety banner. All of our pages provide a comprehensive overview of each business, contain information on the new employee journey as well as highlight the great benefits that working for WIS can provide for employees!

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